Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Gbenga Samuel Ogunlana

Position: Community specialist/property consultant
Nationality: Nigerian
Areas of expertise: JBR, marina and greens
Language spoken: English
Motto: Client satisfaction with a touch of professionalism
Experience: I have two year experience in the real estate. The summary of my experience are .. right approach, qualifying client and ethics are bedrocks to close deals and maintain client relationship.
Why should I be your Property Consultant: A client needs a listening hear, converting client budget to more valued property or into exact need and building a relationship for repeat patronage and referrals.
Mobile: +971 56 592 2696

  • Mobile : +971 56 592 2696

Akash Kapoor

Position: Community Specialist
Area of expertise: JLT, Dubai Marina.
Languages spoken: Hindi, English, Punjabi.
My Experience: 4 years experience in the hospitality industry 2 years experience in the Dubai Real estate market.
My Motto: “Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn. Just don’t get bitter get better”.
Why I should be your property consultant: Honest and reliable, Coming from a hospitality background customer satisfaction is something I thrive on. I will be there for you , responding quickly to situations and taking care of any questions or concerns that may arise. Whether you are selling or buying myself and JK properties shall deliver you the full package from start to finish.

Sergei Borovskoi

Position: Property Consultant
Nationality: Russian
Area of expertise: JBR, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah
Languages spoken: Russian, English
My Experience: More than 2 years’ experience in the Real Estate.
My Motto: Life is a learning process.
Why should I be your Property Consultant? Taking into consideration all details and nuances, essential to the Client, possessing comprehensive information about projects, also pursuing the rights and interests of the Client along all the stages of the Contract, relying on the knowledge of current UAE legislation, having a huge database of property owners, as well investors, accumulated through multiple contracts, I provide a diverse suite of services, including Real Estate sale, purchase and renting in a short time-frame.
Mobile: +971 52 631 8474
Personal website:

  • Mobile : +971 52 631 8474

Greg Keniston

Position:  Senior Sales Consultant
Nationality:  British
Area of expertise:  Arabian Ranches, AKOYA and MIRA
Languages spoken:  English
My Experience:  I have over 10 years’ experience in the London and Dubai property markets.
My Motto:  Finding the right property for the right people!
Why I should be your property consultant:  I am an honest, reliable and professional agent, dedicated to assisting you in finding your required property. Whether you are looking for your future home, or an interesting investment for your future, you can rest assured that Myself and JK Properties, will be able to deliver the full buying package, right through from start to finish.

  • Mobile : +971 56 234 9871

Nikolay Mudriy

Position: Property Consultant
Nationality: Ukraine
Area of expertise:Palm Jumeriah, Dubai Marina, JBR
Languages spoken: English, Russian, Turkish
My Experience: 5 years’ experience in Asset Management and 2 years of experience in the real estate market.
My Motto: Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal. Giving up is not my style. Sky is the limit!
Why I should be your property consultant: ? If you’re looking for the professional who will appreciate your time and you’re willing to spend this time with the maximum benefit, so I’m the right person.

  • Mobile : +971 56 976 8876

Dereck Shumba

Position:  Property Consultant
Nationality:  Zimbabwe
Area of expertise:  JLT and JBR
Languages spoken:  English
My Experience:  4 years of experience in finding clients the right properties for the right price in the spectrum of Residential, Hospitality and Industrial.
My Motto:  Work smart
Why I should be your property consultant:  If you’re looking for a professional you can trust with all your real estate requirements, an honest individual who will move mountains to ensure the best service, I’m your guy!

  • Mobile : +971 50 974 5224

Jesusa Guevarra

Position: Property Administrator
Nationality: Filipino
Area of expertise: Property Administration
Languages spoken: English
My Experience: I’ve been in the Real Estate industry in Dubai for 6 years now as Property Administrator. When you’re into this profession, you need to have flexibility, initiative and long patience.
Though this job is quite tough, there’s one thing I love the most. I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful team.
My Motto: “Always strive for the best”.

  • Office : +971 4 279 8787

Jacqueline Naranjo

Position:  Property Administrator
Nationality:  Filipino
Area of expertise:  Property Administration
Languages spoken:  English & Tagalog
My Experience:  Admin Secretary / Property Coordinator & Property Administrator
My Motto:  Never give up on your Dreams

  • Office : +971 4 279 8787

Sharbeen Sarash

Position:  Photographer
Nationality:  Indian
Area of expertise:  Anywhere JK properties go I follow.
Languages spoken:  English, Hindi, Malayalam
My Experience:  More than 10 years of photography featured in Dubai Mall exhibition, National Geographic, Gizmodo. Experienced in architecture photography, events, and many more.
My Motto:  Explore. Create. Inspire.

  • Mobile : +971 56 352 4011